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Zenith Classic Rock is run by true Classic Rock enthusiasts ….well, we like to think so !!!


Broadcasting from our studios in Waterford City we are currently available all over Dublin and Cork on DAB, and worldwide with continual streaming since 2007. Zenith Classic Rock has also enjoyed broadcasting on both 1584 AM Stereo and 103.8 FM Stereo across the South East of Ireland.


We're really proud of the quality of our various web streams and believe we know what makes a good Classic Rock station. We love the music on an artistic level, so hopefully here we're showing the others how to do it. But if after listening you think that we're misguided then please let us know! The track list is continually updated and your input is appreciated, "We're only human". So feel free to have your input and put forward your song choices for consideration.


Alright, the format isn't purely 'Classic Rock', it’s more a fusion, a hybrid, a mish-mash (a carefully constructed one) of Classic Rock tracks, album tracks, songs that mean something to people of a certain age that listened to Radio Caroline, some of the Irish 80s pirates and maybe 70s American FM radio. So sue us!!!


The long-term aim for the promoters of Zenith Classic Rock is to strive towards securing a fulltime transmission license from the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland to serve the South East of Ireland on a permanent basis.





For the past 10 years, Zenith Classic Rock has broadcast online continuously!!


Our 2018 DAB Broadcast Licence is now up for renewal at a cost of 1000 euro, this does not include our continual online (commercial free) broadcasting costs and we need your help to continue!!


We have always prided ourselves in supplying a commercial free service and would love this to remain the case so any sponsorship or donation you can make will be greatly appreciated.


For more details please click on the Supprt Us menu tab.

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