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Show Sponsorship Opportunities

For the past 8 years, Zenith Classic Rock has broadcast continuously during this time we’ve prided ourselves in providing a high quality, commercial free radio. We don’t want to become a commercial radio station with constant advertisements which does not provide value to the customer as their message can be easily missed due to the volume of advertisements and the listener switching off mentally. We believe the best way for a business to get its message across is through complete show exclusivity. Zenith Classic Rock now have excellent cost effective show sponsorship opportunities available which can be tailored to your needs and blended into a particular show so as to get your message across to its intended audience.

Sponsoring a show allows your business to place a series of short credit sequences around a programme, which feature your brand and message. Your sponsorship package can vary to suit your needs; single programmes or events, a themed package and varying lengths of sponsorship deals are all available. Your message will not get lost in a series of various commercials as you will have complete exclusivity within your selected radio programme. Any agreed sponsorship deal will also benefit from free credits outside of other sponsored shows through being aptly placed on presenter show promos plus you will also benefit from the opportunity to have your logo and product promoted free on this web site and constant Facebook mentions.


For further details and to discover how show sponsorship can benefit your business click contact us via the online enquiry form below;

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